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In the US 50 Apple stores?

There would be fifty stores with the Apple brand that the Cupertino company would like to open in the US. The site is dedicated to the rumors "Think Secret" which mentions sources, obviously anonymous. The Jobs project would therefore be aimed at constituting not a sporadic presence, but a real chain in the style of that set up by Gateway. The PC manufacturer has more than 200 stores located in the major shopping centers of the US territory and in strategic areas of the major urban areas. Gateway, which has long made the choice to sell its products directly, thanks to the stores has strengthened its market share in recent years. For now, as our readers know, the only certain items on Apple stores concern a Palo Alto, California, one in Glendale, in the Los Angeles area and one in Chicago, on Michigan Avenue, in the center of the prestigious Magnificent Mile, a sort of Fifth Avenue, in the Illinois metropolis. If the indiscretions reported by Think Secrete will have a foundation there will be other openings to be expected in centers such as New York, Boston, Miami and in cities that have prestigious and large trade centers. Apple, in fact, seems intent, rather than reaching all American citizens, to show its presence with "boutique" shops in significant and popular places and easily accessible by a large mass of people. In this way, not only could it strengthen its market share but also advertise itself and its brand. If this policy is also exported abroad it is not easy to say at the moment, although we believe that it is very likely that it will be so. Following the same line we could therefore be able to see, certainly not in the short term, stores managed by the Apple in our historic centers and in densely populated cities, such as Milan and Rome. We should not expect instead that Apple will go anywhere with its stores. Nor would it be excluded that Apple's move could be combined with a choice of franchise based on the experience of reality, for example, like Benetton or McDonald. Shops with a well-defined and established look and feel, but managed by private individuals and not directly by Apple. Before discussing this, we will have to wait for an announcement from Apple. The best time for officialization and clarification, in our opinion, will not come before the next MacWorld in San Francisco. The first stores in the US should, instead, open in the spring.