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iMainGo, a portable protective speaker for iPod.

iMainGo, a portable protective speaker for iPod. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Many iPod accessories offer the possibility to do without headphones or earphones and listen to your music in the diffusion. Unfortunately in most cases this affects the portability of the whole, as the broadcasting system is too cumbersome.

Not the case with the Portable Sound Laboratories product, iMainGo. It is a practical case with reduced dimensions (145mm x 99mm x 61mm for 255 grams) with two integrated stereo speakers. Just open the zip, insert the iPod and it will be possible to spread the audio contents loaded on the mp3 player externally.

The case, as it is well padded, also acts as a practical protection for the iPod, protecting it from unexpected shocks and falls. The clickwheel of the Apple player will remain uncovered and easily accessible on the back of the iMainGo.

The device works 4 with AAA batteries – not included – which guarantee 30 hours of battery life; covered by warranty for 12 months and compatible with any iPod model.

The public price in Italy is around 85 euros including VAT. The product is available at the Digital Division distributor and the public at the Computime retailer in Rome.

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