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iHome iH19: portable speakers for the more adventurous sportsmen.

For those looking for a docking system capable of combining portability, style and robustness, iHome offers the iH19, a product that integrates all the aforementioned characteristics: in addition to the rounded and sinuous design, and the natural resistance, the gadget also stands out for its properties techniques offered.

It has a slot in which to insert the iPod and connect it through a cable to the dock connector. The case closes through a zip, but on the upper side some commands and functions remain accessible: the 'hold' button, the jack for an adapter from the mains, to keep your iPod charged without having to take it out of the case, and a audio output, to be able to listen to music even with headphones or earphones, if you wish.

The aforementioned controls are hidden by a band bearing the iHome logo, while the main controls, arranged to interface with a remote control, are instead located on the front side, between the two speakers. There is also a comfortable cord to carry the system, and two hooks to fix it comfortably to a bicycle or scooter.

Robust and durable, the iH19 is also waterproof, so it can withstand sub-optimal weather conditions. A functional and comfortable accessory, which we could for example recommend to athletes who would like to bring their music with them even during the most adventurous excursions.

For information on the price and where to buy the iH19, we recommend consulting the manufacturer's Italian site.

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