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How to use Whatsapp dual SIM on Android phone

To have a particular SIM card a great convenience. Many smartphones, especially Chinese, are already provided with dual SIM support, in order to have a main number and a secondary number to be used for private use. But they have a limit. You can use leduesim to make phone calls, to send messages but not to use WhatsApp dual SIM with both cards. This is because WhatsApp limits users to use only one number with a single device. But now we will see a strucco that will allow you to use two Whatsapp numbers on the same mobile phone.

There are various applications that allow you to use two WhatsApp numbers on a mobile phone, such as OGWhatsapp or WhatsMapp. But the problem with these applications that cease to be updated and therefore after some time are not compatible with the new WhatsApp versions. This forces us to uninstall the app and obviously asks the question: can you use two Whatsapp numbers on a mobile phone without using these applications? A solution with this application calls an app DISA, which allows you to use two WhatsApp numbers on the same phone.

Whatsapp dual sim

DISA an app that helps you create two WhatsApp accounts on the same device and the best part of this solution, that to use this app, you don't need to have a device with root permissions. On the applicationDISA we talked about it in more detail in another article, which can be briefly defined as a hub that allows you to add more message apps in a single application. It combines all the contacts and conversations of the messaging app world. DISA still in beta, but it works perfectly.

The guide to use two Whatsapp dual SIM numbers on a phone

1) First of all you need to install the DISA application. Download: – Disa2) Now open the application and go to the main screen, now accept the terms and conditions and move on to the next stage.

3) Now you find it on the main screen now faiclic on ?Add service"And select"Whatsapp".

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<p>4) The message ?appears<strong>DownloadSucceeded</strong>". Now restart the application.</p>
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In this other guide, you can discover another process to use two WhatsApp numbers on the same phone.