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How to transfer videos to iPad

For those who spend a lot of time away from home, they feel the need to relax with the vision of a good movie. If you have an iPad, there are several ways to watch a video on your iOS device, but first you need to transfer movies to your iPad or other device from your computer. easy to copy movies and TV shows to your iPad to watch them on the go wherever and whenever you want. Let's look at a few ways to transfer videos to iPad. We will explain how to copy video files from your PC or Windows laptop to iPad so that you will not have to convert to the format that only iPad can read.

We also show how you can download videos without using a computer so you can watch them whenever you want, wherever you are – even if you have no internet connection.

Use third-party videos or apps to transfer videos to iPad

If you sync movies or TV shows stored in your iTunes library, they will appear in the native Video app on your iPad. This is the best way to transfer videos to iPad, but if your video is not in a format that iTunes can reproduce, you will not be able to add it to the library n synchronize it with your iPad.

Furthermore, you can only use one computer to synchronize your iPad. If you try to sync videos from another computer running iTunes, a warning will appear warning you that all your multimedia files will be deleted before syncing them. Good news that there are lots of applications available in the App Store that you can install on your iPad, which can play videos and allow you to "import" video files from any computer running iTunes.

Many of these apps do not require you to convert the video to a native format (ie MP4) before it is played, but you can watch videos in almost any format, including AVI, DIVX, MKV and more. There are also several free applications, including VLC Player, read the guide to watch videos in AVI format on iPad with VLC Player.

Unfortunately, many of these applications have had to remove codecs as a result of legal requests and no longer support surround sound (AC-3 and others). This means that a video file that has this audio format will be able to listen to the audio: you should convert your video with a suitable application to convert surround sound into a stereo format.

A free app that has excellent reviews PlayerXtreme Media Player. This application allows you to transfer videos via Wi-Fi, but to have excellent speed and reliability you can use a USB cable. Obviously, try the app you already use before following the guide below.

Guide to transfer videos to iPad with PlayerXtreme

Step 1. Connect your iPad to a computer with a recent version of iTunes (try using the latest version if possible). ITunes should open automatically and your iPad will appear on the left side.

Step2. Click on the icon that represents your iPad and click Appin the left menu. Scroll down until you see the section File sharing.

Step3. If necessary, scroll down in the list and click on the appropriate video application. In this case we will choose PlayerXtreme. A list of files will appear on the right: currently the list is empty because we have not yet copied any videos.transfer videos to iPadStep4. Click on the button Add file … and videos that you want to put on your iPad. Select one or more videos and click You open at the bottom of the dialog box. Don't forget to also select the subtitle files that are to be included in the videos. Movies will begin to copy to your iPad – a progress bar is shown in the box at the top of iTunes.

Once transferred, you can disconnect your iPad, startPlayerXtreme (or any video playback application you are using) and the videos will be on your iPad, ready to be seen. Keep in mind that the playback of video formats not natively supported by iOS, will consume the battery faster, unless the application can use hardware acceleration (PlayerXtreme pu).

Transfer videos to iPad from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video

Another way to watch videos on your iPad is to download it offline from paid video streaming service apps. If you have a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription, you can download video content from both services. If you want to know how to do it, I suggest you read the guide on how to download movies and TV series from Netflix to see them offline.

Or, if you have a subscription, you can download it from Amazon Prime Video.