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How to record the screen of iPhone on Windows and Mac

There may be various situations where you may need to register your iPhone's screen. It could be showing a video of gameplay on YouTube, or maybe just creating a short tutorial for your friend who's new to iOS and needs help to understand something about their iPhone. However, since Apple does not allow screen recording apps on the App Store, and not everyone wants to jailbreak their iPhone, the only solution we have left is to use the Mac or Windows PC to record the iPhone screen .

In this article, I'll tell you how to record the screen of your iPhone on your desktop / laptop, whether it's a Mac or a PC. There are more solutions that can work, but they will cover the ones that worked best in my tests.

Record the iPhone screen on a Mac: Apple Way

Apple has made it much easier to record the screen of an iPhone on a Mac since it launched OS X Yosemite. To record the screen of your iPhone using a Mac, just follow the steps below:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac with the Lightning e cable launch QuickTime on your Mac. Once done, go up File -> New Movie Recording .

  • Click the arrow next to the registration button e select your iPhone from the list of sources indicated in "Camera".

  • Now you will see the screen of your iPhone mirrored on your Mac. Click on the registration button and your Mac will start recording the screen of your iPhone.

Record the iPhone screen on Windows and Mac in wireless mode

By recording the screen of an iPhone via QuickTime incredibly easy (even if wired), the app offers no recording functionality on Windows. Also, you may not have a flash cable with you all the time. In these cases, third-party apps can come to your rescue.

Lonely Screen a free app available on both Windows and Mac, and can be used both to run the mirroring of your iPhone screen in wireless mode on your Mac or Windows PC, both to record it . So, here is how to use Lonely Screen to record the iPhone screen on Windows or Mac wirelessly:

  • Download and install Lonely Screen on your computer. Once finished, launch Lonely Screen .

  • On your iPhone, open the Control Center and touches " AirPlay Mirroring ". Select" Lonely Screen "from the list of options.

  • Your iPhone screen will now mirror your computer. When you're ready to start recording, do simply Click on the small arrow at the bottom right screen to expand the menu below. Therefore, click on the button registration to start recording your iPhone screen. Stop the video when you're done and Lonely Screen automatically saves it to the folder Video clips (on Mac) e Video (on Windows).

Note: in my application tests, Lonely Screen didn't work on Windows 7, but it worked pretty well on Windows 10.

If you are looking for a more feature-rich application (which also works on Windows 7), you can check AirServer, which offers AirPlay functionality along with many more options that are not available on the Lonely screen.

AirServer: get more control over iPhone screen registration

AirServer allows your Windows or Mac PC to act as an AirPlay receiver, allowing you to mirror the iPhone screen on your computer. It works in wireless mode, and compared to Lonely Screen, which provides minimal functionality, AirServer full of features and has lots of advanced options. AirServer allows users to adjust the quality of the mirroring, based on resolutions (1080p, 720p etc.) And also on the basis of the connected device, starting from iPhone 4s, to iPhone 6s plus. It also has the ability to configure a password, so that unauthenticated devices cannot connect to AirServer.

While the app is being paid, it offers one 7 day free trial and, in my use of the app, it worked flawlessly. The price, a $ 14, 99, definitely high, but the app is fantastic and if you really need to mirror your iPhone on your Windows (or Mac) computer in wireless mode, then surely an investment to make. The app also includes support for Google Cast and Miracast .

AirServer has built-in registration features, but they are disabled in the trial version of the software and you will need to purchase an AirServer license to enable the registration function. However, you can always use QuickTime on a Mac or a third-party on-screen recording app on Windows to register the AirServer screen.

There are many other apps that allow users to mirror their iPhone screens on their PCs, but not all of them have integrated recording features. AirServer very reliable and works well, although you will have to pay a rather high cost of $ 14, 99.

Download AirServer

Record the screen of your iPhone on your Mac or PC

Now you can easily record the screen of your iPhone on your Mac or Windows PC and with the flexibility of using wires or wireless. So go ahead and record the epic attack you've made in Clash of Clans, or help that friend who's new to iOS and can't find the right path.

As always, give us a message in the comments section about your experience with the registration of your iPhone screen or any problems you had to face, and even if you know of other ways to register an iPhone screen on a Mac or PC, that we have not covered.