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How to get digital wellness on any Android Pie device (without root)

Among the many new features of Android Pie, one of the biggest (and perhaps one of the most useful) was digital wellness: Google's attempt to help people regain control of their smartphone addiction. However, even now, the function is not available on many devices other than the Pixel line of smartphones and some Android One phones in circulation. So, if you were waiting to put it in your hands, here's how you can get digital wellness on any Android phone with Android 9 Pie.

How to get digital wellness on any Android Pie device

Previously, we wrote an article on how to get digital wellness on Android Pie smartphones with root, however, not everyone wants to eradicate their phone and, if you're one of those people, this guide is for you.

Note: I tried this method on my OnePlus 5 which runs the Oxygen OS beta with Android Pie and a OnePlus 6 running on the stable Android Oxygen based OS. So the method should also work on your phone, as long as you are running Android Pie.

Getting digital wellness is actually quite simple. Simply follow the steps below to start using it on your Android Pie phone.

  • Download and install the Digital Wellbeing app from this link.
  • You will need a third-party launcher for the next step. You can use one of our tips for the best Android launchers or use any launcher that allows you to create shortcuts for activities. I'm using Nova Launcher (download), but the steps apply to almost all third-party launchers.
  • Touch and hold on the main screen . From the options that appear, touch Widget . Here, under the Nova Launcher widgets, touch and hold "Activity" and drag it to the home screen.

  • Nova Launcher will then display a list of activities that can be started based on the apps installed on the phone. Touch Digital Wellbeing . From the list that opens, touch what it says' .home.TopLevelSettingsActivity . '

  • Start Digital Wellbeing from the Home screen icon you just added. You won't see the dashboard again, but we'll fix it soon. At the moment, activate the switch next to "Show icon in the app list".

  • This makes the digital wellness icon appear in your application drawer, like this you can safely uninstall Nova Launcher if you wish .
  • Therefore, tap "Dashboard" in the Digital Wellbeing app. You will be asked to enable authorization for access to use from the Settings. Touch " Change in settings ".

  • Here, it's about Digital Wellbeing and active the switch that says "Allow access to use".

So, now you will be able to use Digital Wellbeing on your Android phone without having to root it. However, all features will not work on your phone. there It depends in that many of the features of the app depend on privileged settings that can only be granted if a rooted device is used . For example, Digital Wellbeing requires permissions like "SUSPEND_APPS" and "MODIFY_PHONE_STATE", which are privileged settings. Therefore, the following things will not work:

  • Wind Down: this function basically transforms the gray scale of the screen when it's time to go to sleep, to make it easier for you to go to bed on time without being distracted by your phone. Also, turn off notifications so that your sleep is not disturbed.
  • App Timer: This is quite large, because setting app timers is a rather important part of using digital wellness to combat smartphone addiction.

However, you will continue to try to figure out how to make these things work, but in the meantime, you will be able to use Digital Wellbeing on your Android Pie smartphone to get at least an idea of ??how much time you have 'spend on your phone and on which apps. Update this article every time a fix for these features is published, then check for updates. Also, if you want to combat smartphone addiction by limiting your use of different apps, you should also try some great apps to block apps.

Take control of smartphone use with digital wellness

This summarizes our guide to installing Digital Wellbeing on any Android phone with Android 9.0 Pie. While at the moment it is not possible to set app timers or use Wind Down mode without rooting the phone, you can still use Digital Wellbeing to get an idea of ??how much you are dependent on your smartphone and how many times in a day you collect it, the number of notifications you receive and more. Also, if you know of a way to make Wind Down and App Timer work without rooting or using Magisk, let us know in the comments below. We will check for sure.