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How to enable iPhone and iPad restrictions for children

iPhone and iPad restrictions for children

As parents we are increasingly concerned about how our children use mobile devices with an internet connection, and in particular what they can watch or do with a iPhone or iPad in hands. There are tools integrated into iOS that allow you to activate certain restrictions on iPad and iPhone, avoiding access to some content, controlling applications, functions and more. If you have this concern as a parent, here we want to help you insert your child and his device, activating iPhone and iPad restrictions for your children.

Fortunately, Apple has provided this functionality natively, in order to make the procedure much easier, making it simple for anyone. So let's see how to activate the restrictions on iPad and iPhone to protect our children.

How to activate iPhone and iPad restrictions

To enable iPhone and iPad restrictions, go to Settings on the iPhone homescreen, then choose General -> Restrictions and touch the button Enable Restrictions.

iPhone restrictions

Here's how to proceed:

1. You will be asked to create a four-digit access code that will allow you to make and change restrictions, but don't let your children change it (unless they know the access code, of course). Whenever you need to access the restrictions, you will need to enter this code, so make sure you use a code that you can easily remember.

iPhone restrictions 1

With the restrictions enabled, you will have a series of choices.

2. In the first section, you will be able to disable access to a number of applications. If you deactivate an app this will be completely hidden from your child – no longer appearing on the iPhone. By moving the cursor, the app will be restored and visible again.

iPhone 2 restrictions

3. In the second section "Allowed contents", You can choose which content you want to allow access on the iPhone:

iPhone-5 restrictions

Rankings for: select the country to determine the rating system (rating) you want to apply to the content. The best choice to select the country where you live.

Music, Podcasts, News and iTunes: Use this option to determine which content can be played on the iPhone. This method only works with content purchased from the iTunes Store. Files downloaded or extracted from CDs cannot be classified by the iPhone. This also applies to movies and TV series.

Movie: Select the highest rating level you prefer simply by selecting it.

TV programs, Books, Applications: they work the same way as for movies.

Siri: You can check if Siri can pronounce or search for explicit words.

Web sites: Limit your children to visiting adult sites (as determined by Apple) or, for even more control, create a list of websites that you can visit and block all others.

In-App Purchases: turn it off if you don't want your child to be able to make purchases in iPhone apps – For more on this topic read this article.

4. You can also check iPhone privacy and security settings.

iPhone-15 restrictions

5. The section Allow changes lets you check if children can add e-mail accounts, change the way cellular data is used, update applications in the background, or change the volume limit during music playback.

iPhone-16 restrictions

6. Finally, you can control some Game Center preferences, including the ability for your children to participate in multiplayer games and add friends to Game Center.

7. To remove content restrictions, simply touch the button Disable restrictions at the top of the screen and re-enter the access code.