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How to clean Android phones for free

Installing and uninstalling applications on mobile devices, fill the memory of junk files that slow down the phone's performance in the long run. In these cases it is necessary to clean the smartphone by deleting those useless files that weigh down the device. In this article we see how to clean the cache with a single click of mobile devices Android.To carry out this important operation, we use some applications that you can download for free from the Play Store. Cleaning the Android phone is a breeze, but it requires the right app. If you also have this problem, we recommend two apps that perform this function very well.

How to do Android phone cleaning

If you delete unnecessary files from your phone your purpose, you must necessarily know these two apps, Clean Master and CCleaner, the two sister apps, which in a sense are also similar in function, but are the most used on Android devices.

Clean Master – Antivirus Cleaner & Applock & Booster

Clean Master a free and in Italian language, which offers a suite all-in-oneinteresting and useful solutions to free the RAM memory, the physical one and the cache of the Android devices. That of Clean Master, an intelligent intervention, which intervenes on the cache of installed applications when they present design gaps and needlessly occupy many MB of memory. Continue reading to find out what Clean Master can do.

free Android phone cleaning - Clean Master

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Cleanliness and efficiency, these are the keywords of this app. Cleans memory from all types of junk files freeing up memory space and cleaning up RAM. The benefits of this operation are considerable, because it allows to speed up the phone. It is efficient in protecting your phone through antivirus and AppLock functions, increasing the security of your data. Among other things, even an antivirus, identifies and eliminates viruses from the phone. If you have a virus problem, I suggest you also read this guide

Clean Master therefore it eliminates the temporary files and those coming from internet browsing and manage applications through a Manager, which allows you to uninstall the device apps without leaving traces of useless files. Not only that, it also allows you to make a backup on the SD card to allow a subsequent reinstallation from external memory.

In case you need to sell your smartphone, it eliminates the sensitive data contained in them, quickly deleting SMS, Whatsapp conversations, etc. It also closes the unused active processes on the phone, allowing a saving on battery life and a more rational use of the cpu . It also has a task killer that allows you to close applications in one go.

The antivirus function is also interesting, which detects and eliminates viruses found such as viruses, Trojans, malware and malicious software.

Clean Master is presented as a complete application for memory management of our Android devices and not just perpetuate the cache. As today we use etablet smartphones, with continuous browsing on the internet, installation and uninstallation of applications, the memory easily fills up with junk files that need to be eliminated to have an efficient device. And one of those applications that absolutely must not be missing on all devices. Of course, as we have seen, it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.


The second app I want to tell you about cleaning your Android phone CCleaner, surely you will know it if you also have a Windows PC. It is the most used application on Windows computers to clean the memory and the registry. Now also available for Android devices. This app also allows you to delete unnecessary files and improve phone performance.

free Android phone cleaning - CCleaner


Maybe you've heard ofPiriform,author of this app, but also known for making the most famous cleaning applications.

CCleanerlets you see what files occupy your phone's memory so you can decide what to do, whether to delete them or keep them. For example, you can delete old Whatsapp and SMS messages, caches, call logs and many other things that you find unnecessary.

This app also provides a Pro version, with the addition of other features, such as cleaning planning and deleting bulky files.

Make the Android phone cleaning essential if you want to have a phone that is always efficient. These two apps will help you do this easily.

In this guide you will find a selection of the best antivirus for Android devices, I suggest you read it to keep viruses away from your device.