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Hello Kitty brings iPods on its clock radios

Everyone knows Hello Kitty, the cute kitty dressed in pink, the subject of inspiration for a lucky series of gadgets ranging from school diary to make-up kit, from purse to t-shirts. More classic gadgets are now beginning to add more technological gadgets, such as the Spectra KT4560.

Behind this abstruse symbol hides a useful clock radio with a docking station. Characterized by soft pastel colors, the clock radio integrates on the top a base dock where you can insert your iPod with a dock connector: to listen to your mp3s, use them as a ringtone for the alarm or just to recharge the iPod.

Equipped with two integrated stereo speakers, each with a watt of power, the alarm clock also implements radio reception, with the possibility of choosing between the AM or FM bands: the frequency (like all other information) will be displayed on the small front LCD screen. The controls are located on the upper side, while to adjust the sufficient volume turn the alarm clock on itself.

The product also has an additional auxiliary input for connecting any other digital devices, and a video output to view the contents of an iPod video directly on the television. Power supply (power supply included) with the addition of a 9 volt battery (not included), to keep the clock and alarm settings in memory.

A nice clock radio, obviously addressed to a young and "pink" audience.

The price of the product is not yet well defined, but some listings on Ebay place it at around 70 Dollars.