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Free program to burn, create audio CDs from mp3 and lots of …

CDBurnerXP a free program to burn on all types of existing media, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and also HD-DVD, very light, very good also for not really recent computers. It is possible to create data discs, Audio CD, CD mp3, burn images ISO, run the copy on the fly of CDs and DVDs, erasing rewritable media, in short, everything we look for in a complete burning program, with the advantage of being free, in addition compatible with all operating systems: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 Server / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

create audio cd from mp3

This burning software has a multilingual interface, including Italian of course, does not require registrations or activations and has no adware or spyware inside.

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<p style=In these latest versions, numerous bugs have been fixed and various features have been added that will now list you:

Creating CDs and data DVDsburn data to CD-Rs / CD-RWs / DVD + Rs / DVD-Rs / DVDs + RWs / DVD-RWs, including disks double layermasterizza CD-mp3 to save many audio files in a single discocreate discs bootable automatically recreate written data at the end of the writing process for adding files you can use the internal browser or the intuitive Drop-Box to drag files directly from any Explorer Resource window to save your compilations for the creation of in-flight backups and protection buffer-underrun import previous sessions (ISO 9660) and change the existing file structure on CD / DVD quick / complete deletion of data discocopy (any protection is not bypassed) recovers the information of the burner and the disc

Audio CD creationcreate audio CDs from mp3 files, wav, ogg, flac and wma adds single or multiple tracks from an existing audio CD directly into a new compilation without having to extract the tracks (adds the cda files) it executes the audio files through the integrated player supporting the creation of audio CDs without intervals ( disc-at-once mode) imports M3U or WPL playlistsSupport ReplaygainImporta CUE Sheetscreate mixed-mode format disks

ISO characteristicsburn ISO file to CD create custom ISO file reverse bin or nrg file to ISO save CD / DVD as ISO file to disk

Other characteristicssimple utility to print audio / data disc covers LightScribe integration Command line version supports most IDE, USB, Firewire and SCSI peripherals integrated option to enable access to the burner to all users online multilingual interface

Finally, here are the links to download it

(Size: 5.04 MB)

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