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Free parking, the Spotter app rewards you if you share it

The first community of drivers to park and where you can earn in social ratings and vouchers

Get rewards like vouchers, petrol vouchers or Amazon vouchers if you share the location of a free parking space. It is the new frontier of "social parking?Started in Milan with an app. It's called Spotter and premier the virtuosity of the "social" motorist, guilty of earning with a system of social rating by simply sharing information regarding free parking.

Spotter users will be able to find free parking without wasting time, sharing information on vacancies left on the street. According to Istat data the difficulty in finding parking perceived by Italians as the second most important problem among those connected to mobility. Specifically, in Milan the perception of the superior problem even compared to a metropolis like Manhattan.

The project, developed by young Milanese entrepreneurs, wants toaddress the problem of parking in large cities. A sensitive topic, which according to a study by the Chamber of Commerce and the Transport and Infrastructure Research Center of Cattaneo University (LIUC Castellanza) in the Lombard capital requires between 20% and 30% of the time spent in the car.

Spotter, free shared parking

Spotter, the app to share a free parking space, available both for Android smartphone and iPhone. You download for free. After which the user can register via social media or by entering your e-mail address. The interface was developed aiming at immediacy and ease of use.

"Our App allows users to share parking information by reducing wasted time, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20 percent – explains Jader Manno, CEO of Spotter – and the first to have a reward system and a social rating that can encourage the virtuous sharing of information. Our goal is also to improve the mobility of Milan, which unfortunately is one of the busiest cities in the world ?.

Every time you give a place you receiveloyalty points(sPoints) to be used to obtain Amazon vouchers and Gift Cards of all types, or to convert into seSterzi, tokens used to capture parking information for other users. The more points you receive, the higher the rating and consequently the advantages.