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Ety8, bluetooh headphones / earphones for iPod (or Mac) with an unusual design

Now widely applied, bluetooth technology has certainly taken hold, infiltrating many technological gadgets, such as headphones, which have always been forced to cables of various lengths and sizes.


Etymotic Research proposes a model of bluetooth headphones / earphones "made for iPod" which is certainly anomalous. Already the atypical design: the pavilions on the two ends of the headphones are rectangular, with the volume and track selection controls located on the right pavilion. Despite the shape, the pavilions are equipped with earphones with sound insulation that fit into the ear. It is therefore a sort of headset / headset hybrid. Obviously the two pavilions are connected to each other by a cable, the only wire present.

Compatibility with the iPod ensured by the use of the 8-Mate adapter, an adapter that connects to the dock and allows bluetooth transmission between the Ety8s and iPods within a range of ten meters.

Another peculiarity is the possibility of replacing the filters inside the earphones, filters useful for softening the sound and preventing the penetration of earwax inside the pavilions.

The package also includes a leather carrying case, a set of earphones, some filters and a kit for changing the latter. The battery life reported between six and nine hours. Once downloaded, you can recharge by connecting the USB cable – also included in the package – to your computer.

The Ety8s support fourth-generation iPods, iPod video, first-and second-generation iPod nano and iPod mini. In any case, they can also be used with other Bluetooth-enabled devices: you will then be able to use them with your Mac, a PC or any other bluetooth-equipped multimedia tool. In this case, a cheaper package is available, without the 8-Mate iPod adapter.

Comfortable but particular earphones, with a design that is certainly out of line and that perhaps not everyone might like.

The retail price of the standard pack of 199 Dollars.The price of the pack for iPod, including an iPod adapter, of 299 Dollars. For further information you can consult this page of the Etymotic website.

Below you can see the "unboxing" put online by slashgear.