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Eos Wireless: the wireless dock that frees up your music

Eos is developing a new iPod dock system. From what can be seen on the market, nowadays most of the stereos on the market cannot ignore the incorporation of a docking system compatible with the Apple mp3 player, even if only to ride the wave of success.

Fortunately, some products also stand out for their originality and characteristics. These include the Eos Wireless, a wireless dock system capable of interfacing with up to 4 unit speakers. You can connect the transmission base directly to the mains, connect the iPod to the built-in slot and the system will be able to spread the music through the speakers without the need for any cable.

The "surround" effect is obtained through the simulated surround system (SRS WOW) but it can be used to soundproof large rooms with discretion: the wireless speakers have a range of about 45 meters. It will therefore be possible to place them at a considerable distance, according to the needs of the buyer. The transmission base also incorporates subwoofers and stereo speakers.

The Eos Wireless will be available starting January 6 at the price of 299 Dollars The package contains the transmission base dock and a remote unit. Other remote units will be available separately. For those who need it, they will also be available as part of wireless waterproof speakers and transmitters / receivers.

An interesting gadget especially for not wanting to deal with too many cables.

Retail price: 299 Dollars