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Creative Xdock Wireless for iPod: the fruits of an alliance

Even Creative, always one of Apple's main competitors in the field of mp3 players, seems to have understood that, if it is not possible to beat the opponent, it is better to ally with it. This type of policy had already been followed after the controversy that had seen Zen society accuse Apple of copying the iPod interface from them.

All then ended in an agreement on the production of exclusive 'made for iPod' accessories for the Cupertino reader. Now this agreement seems to have acquired substance, as demonstrated by the presentation of Xdock and Xmod Wireless, PlayDock i500 and Travelsound i by Creative, accessories that make the most of the technologies proposed by the two American companies.

Xdock & XmodXdock consists of a wireless transmitter with integrated dock base, which can be combined with one or more Xmod receivers which, in turn, can be connected to audio systems or home theater systems. Through the Creative product (?made for iPod? certificate) it will thus be possible to listen to the songs loaded on the iPod or view the videos enjoying the DTS surround system through a wireless device.

Thanks to Creative's exclusive X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity technology, the audio will be reproduced in a higher quality than even the CD, restoring the truncated frequencies through the file compression process.

The Xdock compatible with iPod nano, iPod photo, iPod video and iPod mini; will be sold next spring at a price of $ 200.

Xmods only can be purchased without Xdock, to be used in combination with a Mac (or PC) to broadcast to speakers or other multimedia systems. Xmod will be sold at a price of $ 100.

PlayDock i500

?Made for iPod? portable docking system with rounded and smooth lines; equipped with the Creative Wide Stereo feature specifically designed to enhance and expand the bass. The magnetic shielding of the speakers makes it possible to place the device close to the display or TV without causing interference.

It is complete with remote radio control and appropriate audio / video output, which allow it to be connected to systems already present in the environment, extending the sound system or displaying photographs and videos on the screen. PlayDock i500 enjoys both mains and battery power, with an autonomy of approximately 16 hours declared by the manufacturer.

Price and date of marketing have not yet been announced