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Colored amplifiers for iPod nano 2G from QM-Enternainment

IPods like the iMacs of the old days? This is the question that could be asked remembering how at the time of the launch of the old "bubble" computers with colored houses it started a flourishing of products that tried to exploit the trend.

The idea of ??creating accessories "in tint" first of the Dutch QM-Enternainment, which presented yesterday a set of amplifiers designed specifically for the new generation iPod nano. A peculiar feature of material inserts that faithfully reflect the colors of the iPods.

qm speaker

The characteristics of the amplifier are those of the previous models: power supply via USB cable or AAA batteries, audio line in, compatibility also with other players. In the specific case for, in addition to the colored insert, the joint of the reader designed to be perfectly adequate to that of the second generation iPod nano.

Although the idea of ??QM-Entertainment could be interesting, there is no doubt that a real race for colorful accessories will break out. Accessories manufacturers should have learned from the experience of the iMacs that it is not healthy to follow Apple in this trend.

Who remembers those times knows that, while the market had launched a real race to the gadget "in color" with dozens of Usb hubs, keyboards, mice, covers and so on and so on, Apple decided from one day to another to change the trend, first changing colors and then removing them altogether, leaving producers (especially Easterners) in the plagues and in anguish with tens of thousands of accessories that no longer came close to nothing and that were liquidated at prices of affection.

The cost of the speakers that will soon be launched on the European market for 30 euros.

(in the image you can see the black version compatible with the previous version of iPod nano).