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Chainfire collects all projects on Android modding

Those who have followed us over the years know the information and guide work we have done on Android devices. Root permissions, custom rom installation, change of unofficial themes and who owns an Android device, these terms have become more than familiar. In this last period we are talking about less, maybe because something new happened. As for the jailbreak on iOS devices, even for the mod on Android the interest is considerably weakened. No more need? Maybe yes. The latest devices, by default, allow you to customize many more themes and functions without having to modify the operating system. This is more evident in iOS, but also in Android, despite the open source system, which was more popular with users, to the point of making any method of installing unofficial custom roms obsolete.

We noticed it, but those who noticed it in the golden years of modding were a beacon in this sector. Let's talk about Chainfire, which developed apps and tools for Android and allow users access to the root, facilitating device changes. Now Chainfire withdraws all the projects on the modding, leaving the battlefield after having stopped updating them a few months ago.

Many had prophesied the death of modding. If this turns out to be true, it will be a very slow death. Although probably never disappear definitively, and in this case the development could soon be left to languish to favor a natural death. Especially when some of the leading Android community developers take the sunset route. The most recent and perhaps the most important is certainly the famous Chainfire. After having stopped updating the apps for the mod last year, he is now definitely blocking them, withdrawing all the projects in progress. We recall that his work on SuperSU alone has allowed millions of Android users worldwide to access root. Although many users have recently switched to the Magisk system, which allows them to get root permissions in a way Systemless, ie without changing the partition / system of the Android smartphone. If you still don't know this method, I suggest you read our guide.

It was a closure announced after Chainfire gave the first signals last October. Last year he left open the possibility for a possible return. Now he has finally closed that door, explaining that, while last year he had plans for those applications, now he no longer has time to update them because he is busy with other projects. In other words, virtually no possibility that those apps can still be used.

Chainfire withdraws all projects on modding

Chainfire's best known app for sure SuperSU, which among other things, allows you to get root permissions on Android. With the announcement of Chainfire a few days ago, all the development work on the projects started will be stopped, such as FlashFire, Live Boot and other apps related to the root and the motivation given in the Chainfire announcement post. In addition to these, Chainfire also has other apps that are interested in mods, which you can find on Google Play Store, XDA and other sources. Some of these will be updated, others may completely disappear.

Not only the mod apps, Chainfire is also withdrawing the other apps, although some of them are not by choice. For example, 500 Firepaper will become useless because 500px is closing its API in June.

The problem facing users who still use Chainfire's tools is continuity. While these apps may still work as they are now, without further updates, they may be less secure in the future. Open source could be the ideal solution to preserve these apps from extinction, but Chainfire still uncertain about this line of action. With this decision, an important piece of modding on Android disappears and Chainfire explained the reason for this choice with a controversial note on Google+. Chainfire has not much appreciated the direction taken by Google on Android in this last period, therefore, this seems like a definite goodbye, even if it leaves a window with the possibility of being able to return one day on the scene.