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Bose Companion5: a virtually 5.1 2.1 for Mac and iPod

bose 5

For some time now, Bose has been offering interesting products to amplify their audio experience on computers. One of the most interesting systems is the Bose Companion5, a multimedia speaker system designed specifically for use on computers.

You can connect the Companion5 via USB to your Mac (or a PC with a USB port) and then place the system components: the Bose product consisting of two pre-installed speakers on special pedestals (to reduce clutter on the desk) and a compact AcoustiMass module, to reproduce low frequencies faithfully and clearly.

Thanks to the Bose technology called Truespace, the sound reproduced through an enveloping effect, able to simulate the characteristics of the 5.1 sound, even if it is only a 2.1. In addition to this, the speakers are magnetically shielded and do not allow interference with other instruments.

The system also has a unit to be placed on the work surface, on which there are volume controls, a headphone jack and an additional audio input to connect another sound source, such as an iPod or a other mp3 player.

The Companion 5 for sale on the Apple Store at a price of 449 euros. The distribution for the Mac world of Attiva.