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Block unwanted Android calls

Do you often receive calls and messages from people you would like to block? If you have an Android device, you can easily block unwanted Android calls coming from these people. A third-party app is not required for this service. You can simply use the dialer or contacts app built into the operating system of your Android smartphone. If you don't know how to do it, you should know that smartphone manufacturers tend to hide this possibility from users, so you won't find the feature easily if you don't look for the right menu on your Android device.

For this reason we wanted to write this guide, which will show you how to block unwanted calls on Android devices, coming from people you don't like to receive phone calls. The devices of different manufacturers have different methods for blocking unwanted calls, therefore, in the next steps you will find the solutions for the smartphones of major producers.

Block unwanted Android calls

Block Android calls

Samsung devices

  • If you have a Samsung smartphone, you need to open the app Phone and from here go to the address book located at the top right.
  • Select the number you would like to block and then click on the indicated menu with three dots and you will see that a menu will open.
  • Among the different options, there is one that is called: "Add to the list of numbers to automatically reject ", if selected, it will allow to block not only the calls but also the messages of that specific number.

Android smartphone with Stock ROM (Nexus, Motorola,)

  • On devices with Android Stock (the version of Android that has not been modified by smartphone manufacturers), it is necessary to have the number of the contact to be blocked saved in the phonebook. So first, remember the phone number if you haven't already.
  • Now open the app Phone, open the tab Recent and search for the contact to block.
  • Click on the contact and then select Details.
  • Select the three vertical dots at the top right and finally click on Add to blocked list.

HTC devices

  • On HTC devices the operation is even easier. Open the app Phone and search for the contact to block.
  • Press and hold on the contact and from the menu that appears, select Block caller.

Sony devices

  • For call barring, the first thing to do is to memorize the unwanted contact you need to block in the phonebook.
  • Now open the app Contacts and select the contact.
  • From the menu, select All calls to voicemail.

Great! From this moment on, when a phone call comes from one of these numbers, you no longer have to worry about ignoring or rejecting unwanted calls. From now all phone calls from contacts that you do not wish to receive calls and SMS will be automatically filtered for you.

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As you can see the operations are very simple. You only need a few minutes to block unwanted contacts. If you know other methods and would like to share them with us like blocking Android calls, you can write it through the comments at the end of the article.