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BeoLab 4: Bang & Olufsen and Apple together in style

For those who know the audio & video market, the Bang & Olufsen brand represents a major name. We could say that B&O is to audio / video as Apple is to computers. The Danish brand has always offered products characterized by great design and refined style: modern elegance, first-class materials and truly eye-catching lines. All features also common to the Apple. Even the Danish producer seems to have noticed it and decided to use Apple products in the creation of some advertising images for the launch of the BeoLab 4 speakers.

In the images distributed on the net, it is possible to glimpse an Apple laptop that accompanies BeoLab 4. It is not possible to distinguish the Apple logo, but it is certainly a PowerBook. Instead, the images depicting the B&O speakers with an iPod inserted on a dock base are clearer and more evident.

The BeoLab 4 are a pair of speakers with a decidedly special design, similar to a pair of pyramids with rounded edges and vertexes. able to adapt and reproduce the sound according to the standards and audio features set on your computer. As evidenced by the images, you can also connect BeoLab 4 to your iPod (or other mp3 players).

In addition to design, the technology offered at the highest levels: the speakers incorporate the B&O ICE Power patent, which in small dimensions contains great power and sound impact without causing overheating problems. Furthermore, the Adaptive Bass Linearisation system ensures power and roundness in the bass, ensuring excellent sound performance wherever the speakers are positioned.

To connect with a Mac or iPod, purchase a special cable for sale from Bang & Olufsen retailers. BeoLab 4 is available in four colors: black, dark gray, blue and red.

The price of the speakers is around 1100 euros and can be purchased at any Bang & Olufsen store.

S, also the Bang & Olufsen-style price, but certainly in line with the class and the high-class design of the North European company, to which are added the high technical performance. Especially from the point of view of design, B&O products seem designed to match the style of the Apple.

To discover the store closest to you, consult the official website of the producer in the "store locator" section.

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