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Been Choice, the blocker that pays for user data

The user of Been Choice can choose to block the advertisements, or get paid for their data


Ad blocking continues to generate new, increasingly sophisticated solutions, to the delight of publishers and advertisers. The new market is called Been Choice, and it stops advertising not only on browsers, but also in mobile apps, like Facebook or Apple News.

This, as TechCrunch points out, could represent the real damage to the main route that many developers currently follow to earn. And speaking of gain, Been Choice is part of the block with two different profiles: you can use it for a real choice of ad block that does not show any type of advertising, or to earn by providing your data. The user can then choose to share your information with advertisers, publishers and application developers for a fee. Prizes are available in the form of money via PayPal, but the application seems to be soon introducing "gift cards" with Amazon.

Also based on the experience gathered by Marketing Land, the app works with all types of apps, including Pinterest, New York Times and Yahoo. Nothing to do for YouTube and Twitter, by contrast.

It seems that the list to "earn" through its data is already full, to the point of having to leave an email to be contacted – mail that meanwhile, somewhere will end. The system uses a VPN system to block advertising. Always being allowed to place trust in the mechanism and use that the application itself makes of the data in question.


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