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Automatic WiFi connection with iPhone Camera

An interesting novelty of iOS 11 allows you to quickly connect to a WiFi network by scanning the QR code of a router in the Apple Camera app on your iPhone or iPad, without having to enter any password. On iOS 11 and later, the app Camera supports scanning of the QR code that allows you to automatically visit a website below, pair a HomeKit accessory, add contact information, share a WiFi password, make an automatic WiFi connection and much more.

Before starting the procedure of this guide, make sure iOS 11.0 or later is installed on your device, otherwise you will not find this feature.

How to make an automatic WiFi connection using the Camera app

Scanning the QR code found on the back of the router is probably the quickest and most efficient way to make an automatic WiFi connection using the login credentials below.

1) Open the app Settings on your device with iOS 11 or later.

2) Scroll to half and touch Camera.

3) Move the switch next to Scan QR codes in the position ON.

Automatic WiFi connection

4) Open the Camera app and tap Photo down.

5) Point the camera towards the QR code which printed somewhere on the back of the router.

6) Upon completion of scanning the QR code, the Camera app will present a notification banner containing the name of the network. Just touch the banner to automatically connect your iPhone or iPad to the WiFi network using the login credentials stored in the QR code.

Now your iPhone or iPad should automatically connect to the WiFi network without requiring a password or any additional action on your part. This is a great way to quickly connect to a friend's WiFi network without asking for a password.

The QR code printed on the back of the router encodes the WiFi network factory credentials. If you've changed your default WiFi network password (and if you haven't done so already, do it now for security reasons), it might be a good idea to print a new QR code containing your new network name and / or password. If you don't know how to do it, read on.

How to create a QR code of the WiFi network

To create a new QR code for your WiFi network, you can do it with a free service that you find on the internet. Visit the online QR code generator called QiFiaccendo through the browser on your computer. Now enter the name of your wireless network (SSID) and password, then click on the button generate: this all.

The web app will generate the corresponding QR code, which you can print or take a screenshot and store it on your phone.

If the router supports a guest network, you can generate a QR code for the guest network.

Print it and leave it in a drawer or maybe in the guest room of your home. The next time there are many guests at your home but you don't want to leave your WiFi password on a post-it that everyone can see, ask them to scan the QR code.

How to use WiFi sharing

Another way to share access to the WiFi network without exchanging any network name or password using a WiFi sharing function. ridiculous to use East as long as you are on iOS 11 or later and / or macOS High Sierra or later and your iPhone, iPad or Mac connected to Wi-Fi you would like to share with another person.

You just need to make sure your device is unlocked, then ask a friend to select the name of your network on your device. A Wi-Fi sharing card should automatically appear on your device, asking if you want to send your encrypted WiFi password to a friend's device in wireless mode.

Tap Send password to share access to your WiFi network with a friend's device securely, without actually revealing the access password of your Wi-Fi network.

The other person must be saved as a contact in your address book. This method will not work if the wireless network uses the MAC address filter.

These features for automatic WiFi connection, along with other interesting QR code scanning features, take advantage of Apple's new machine vision API in iOS 11. If you have a previous iOS version installed on your device, you need to upgrade to iOS 11 before you can scan QR codes with the camera app.

Have you connected your iPhone to a home network or a known router but can't remember the password you used at the time? Read this guide to learn how to recover it.