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As expected from many sites and as also reported by ours with the new release of its browser Opera changes its marketing mode of its browser. No longer sold but given in free use in exchange for viewing banners on your desktop. It is thus confirmed how much some observers had assumed for some time: in a world of pre-installed and free browsers it becomes difficult to affirm a product to have to pay for, no matter how good this product may be. The new version of Opera, which for Windows at version 5.0, has only one banner that can be deleted, as happens in Eudora, by paying the license ($ 39). The banner is not downloaded continuously, but is taken from the Opera site once a week and cached. The new system, therefore, does not affect the speed of navigation. "We are trying to turn the two-way battle in the world of navigators into a three-way struggle – said the CEO of Opera Jon von Tetzchner – for this we will launch a campaign of marketing and we will make agreements with download sites ". The Norwegian manufacturer's hope that the fact of not having its own portal to promote, unlike Microsoft and AOL, could offer their surfer some more chances with independent portals. Jon von Tetzchner then said that Opera has not yet decided whether to distribute in a sponsored form also the versions for the other platforms, including the one for Mac. "You will depend on the answer we will have on the version for Windows," said Von Tetzchner.

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