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Apple, traffic skyrocketing on Christmas day

Traffic to the stars on the Apple website dedicated to iPod. The leap forward, by as much as 413 percentage points, was recorded on Christmas day compared to the same day last year. The figure, really surprising even considering the optimistic forecasts of the past few days, emerges from the figures collected by Hitwise, a company specialized in Internet traffic analysis.

The site that recorded the actual traffic explosion, or the page that must necessarily be loaded to obtain the iTunes software. So it's easy to connect the boom in visits to an iPod sales boom, therefore, since those who buy the player must necessarily visit that page to have the indispensable juke box.

To understand the success of iTunes (and iPod) there are some comparisons with Zune. The reference site for the Microsoft player has recorded an increase of 1030% between Christmas and the previous Monday, a figure that only apparently seems important because iTunes grew by 1222% in the same period and the number of pages served was 30 1 in favor of that of Apple.

According to Hitwise analysts (who also noted a 110% increase in the number of views on the Applestore site placed fourth among the most viewed sites on Christmas day), there is more than enough to establish that once again iPod was the Christmas gift par excellence in the field of electronics and that Apple customers are looking for accessories to complete their purchase.