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Apple prepares "iMusic"?

Apple prepares "iMusic"? logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to Appleinsider, Apple would buy Radialogic's storage and burning software to work on a new project called "iMusic" that would combine the features of "CD Master" (the CD creation application) with a music player in MP3 format.

The project – which should be announced during the next MacWorld – would allow normal audio CDs to be created in a few minutes from MP3 files, just like what happens with iMovie, which allows the creation of home movies even after a few minutes of work.

The idea is certainly not new and original but the indiscretion could in any case also be true (on the Radialogic website we read that it will be possible to know the buyer "early next year"). Our only concern remains in the expected release date (January): can programmers manage to come up with a software (almost) completely new in such a short time?

Remember that "CD Master" is perhaps the only CD burning application to be Carbon-compatible and therefore can potentially work under Mac OS X without any problem.

(Edited by Newton)

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