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AAPL: the market awaits events

AAPL: the market awaits events logomacitynet1200wide 1

Today's day opens up to uncertainty about the fate of Apple's technological market. Yesterday's session was really difficult, as widely expected. AAPL has closed at a minimum since May 1998 set below $ 15. A negative result that translated into percentage has meant a 15% reduction on the fixing of the previous day. They have helped to nip every desire to support the Cupertino company even in such a negative moment, the downgrading flurry that Apple has suffered over the last 24 hours. Today, as mentioned, it is difficult to make forecasts even if the sentiment of a flat opening for the whole sector after the enormous gains of two days ago and after yesterday's retreat. In short, Apple should not fall below its current level. After the general psychosis of yesterday, indeed someone could begin to realize that the pruning of the AAPL list went beyond any reasonable consideration. Suffice it to say that in liquids the title is worth $ 11 per share. In practice, know-how, development prospects and, above all, the Apple brand for the market would be worth only $ 3 a share today. Really irrational. But despite this, you may have to wait months to see real price growth. Most analysts are proving skeptical of the real possibility that Jobs will succeed in bringing back the next fiscal quarter as promised during the press conference two days ago. High inventories and the computer and computer crisis in particular could postpone significant profits to the end of 2001.

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