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A travel MP3 player

A travel MP3 player logomacitynet1200wide 1

MP3 Strip 1.0 a new module for the control strip that will allow you to make your machine play all the MP3s you want. Forget all the packages used to date, the new software weighs only 90Kb, it does not force us to navigate between folders and desk to listen to a music p, always open and at hand, it also has a convenient hierarchical menu system to find on the fly the song searched in our collection. In the module we also find all the commands necessary to start and manage the sound of the songs, from the pause to the track jump, it also allows you to divide the pieces into "albums" where we will group the pieces coming from the same artist or from the same musical genre: the modulino take care of calculating the total album time and catalog the compilation. Finally, the packet is compatible with the keyboard commands for volume, tracks and play. The freely downloadable form will work for a 30-day trial period, then registration will be required, at a cost of $ 15, all well spent.

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