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250 apps removed from the App Store: collected sensitive data incorrectly

The development kit of a Chinese provider had eluded Apple's controls and took possession of IDAs, email addresses and list of apps

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After the patent infringement fine, another small tile on Apple: the American company was forced to remove more than 250 apps from the App Store that violated the guidelines on the collection and dissemination of users' sensitive data.

The news leaked from a SourceDNA analysis and reported first by 9to5Mac. The offending apps contained proprietary private API (Application Program Interface) harmful to users. These apps, if installed, can to collect users' private data illegally, such as terminal ID, email addresses, the list of apps installed on the iPhone or iPad and other information.

The apps are mostly Chinese and use a development kit created by the advertising provider Youmi containing a code prohibited by the Apple policy. But they seem to have managed to escape the strict controls on admission criteria to the App Store and send the looted information to Youmi's servers. Now they have been removed from the online store.


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