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YouTube Music: three new playlists available on Android, iOS and the Web

Update 18/12

Google has formalized the release of three new playlists for YouTube Music. Discover Mix, New Release Mix is Your Mix, these names chosen by the Mountain View company, are already available globally in the official Android, iOS and Web versions of the app.

Original article – 03/10

YouTube Music introduces three new Mixes in the playlists: let's talk specifically about Discover Mix, New Release Mix is Your Mix. The announcement was made during an event organized by TechCrunch, during which the CPO of YouTube Neal Mohan illustrated the news, even if not all are exactly unpublished.

Discover Mix, in fact, it has already been sighted in the past, but it seems that soon it will be made available to a greater number of users. Inside we find new songs from artists we haven't heard yet but that we might like, based on the genres we usually listen to on YouTube and YouTube Music. This is a function similar to that offered by Spotify under the name of Discover Weekly.

The other two features will only be active in the future. Inside New Release Mix there will be new songs from the artists we follow (we had already talked about it recently on the occasion of the comparison with Released, a playlist that brings together the best weekly releases). Since this is a playlist that is actually already present on YouTube Music, let's suppose it can be extended to more markets, perhaps with some new features in it.

Your Mix instead it integrates the characteristics of both previous Mixes, thus offering playlists composed of tracks by artists that we follow and not. The first function to arrive – during the month of October – will be Discover Mix, the others will follow closely and will all be updated on a weekly basis.