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Does Apple never implement USB 2? We will take care of producing the drivers and selling them to all those who want to sell peripherals that meet the new standard to Mac users. They must have reasoned so at Orange Micro that after announcing that it was very close to the release of a USB 2 card for Mac, it declared today to some American press that sell MacOs-compatible USB 2 extensions to all those who want to buy them. The news of particular importance because it means that the production of USB 2 peripherals for our platform could go hand in hand with that for Windows . In practice, if they keep their promise to Orange, to those who want to add compatibility with Mac to their Win baster products, buy the already beautiful and ready drivers from Orange. Otherwise, since Apple for the moment (and at least until FireWire arrives at 800 Mbps and maybe beyond) does not seem willing to produce motherboards with USB 2 ports, it is not difficult to predict that the proliferation of this type of device will exclude the user of the Apple. A situation that in the long run, with the disappearance of USB 1.1 devices due to obsolescence, could cause us to take a step backward in the field of plug and play peripherals. It must be said that, as mentioned, Orange Micro may not really have badly the accounts and even afford the luxury of selling drivers at a "symbolic" price. If Apple really doesn't ever produce motherboards with USB 2, all those who want to buy one will also have to buy one of the Orange Micro USB 2 cards.

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