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Yahoo tries again: via the password from the emails

After the unsuccessful attempt of the on demand access key, the company tries a more appealing mechanism


Yahoo does not give up and continues to claim that passwords are a thing of the past. Taking advantage of the revamped version of the email app, it provides users with a new feature that allows them to access e-mail without having to use an access key.

Here's how it works: after reaching the appropriate page, instead of typing a long combination of numbers and anti-hacker letters, the "continue" command is pressed. At that point, the system will send a notification to the smartphone, asking if you want to access the mail. Answering S, the game made.

Certainly not the first step that the company makes towards the removal of the most classic authentication mechanisms, but this time it is a more sophisticated attempt. Previously, Yahoo has tried a password-on-demand system, always taking advantage of smartphones: the user requested a new key from time to time, which resulted in an SMS.

According to the company itself, this attempt was adopted only by 3-4% of Yahoo's 225 million month users. Most likely, the on demand password will give way to this new mechanism, Account Key, which is also a possibility to make the service more attractive in front of the competition (you know, GMail is very popular among users around the world).

Whether it could be a keystone to be seen, but in principle, Yahoo is anything but against the current: many are looking for alternatives to the use of passwords, not always effective in terms of security, especially the longest ones.


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