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XPress 5 in beta

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Quark XPress 5 has reached the beta phase. Some sources close to the developers quoted by the English newspaper MacUser say that the desktop publishing product most popular among newspaper editors has an excellent quality level. According to MacUser in QXP 5 some of the features are already implemented and working release expectations, such as the use of layers and the table editor. These features have long been requested by Quark users, whose need is increasingly pressing to reduce the tools used to create the pages. Creating tables, for example, is one of the most complex tasks to accomplish if you only use Quark Xpress. For this reason, pagers usually turn to different applications to produce tables and then import them, with effort and loss of time, on the page. With the new QXP 5 this will no longer be necessary because it will be possible to create tables directly to the inside the page. In addition to this, Quark is working to implement a series of features that will make it easier to export pages built in Xpress to HTML and publish them on the Internet. In version 5, XML will be supported; in parallel pages can be generated in CSS so that those who do not have complex formatting requirements for the Internet could find a good compromise by directly exporting the page created on the Internet. According to MacUser QXP 5 should be ready by the middle of next year with a launch in style at the MacWorld Expo in New York.

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