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Wildix grows in Europe

The Trentino company, specialized in Voice Over IP products and Unified Communication solutions, presented the excellent results of 2013, the product news and its evolutionary strategy by Luca Bastia at the annual convention with customers and partners The dedicated Wildix convention to partners, held in Milan was an opportunity to (…)

The Trentino company, specialized in Voice Over IP products and Unified Communication solutions, presented the excellent results of 2013, product innovations and its evolutionary strategy at the annual convention with customers and partners. Luca Bastia

The Wildix convention dedicated to partners, held in Milan, was an opportunity to meet the management of the company that illustrated its successes and the current and future strategy. Stefano Osler, managing director of the company, said he was satisfied with the results obtained in 2013, "Which saw an incenento of turnover of 30%, the consolidation of the French branch that achieved a growth of 107%". Abroad the Wildix race does not stop there, in fact a branch was opened in Munich in Germany and the first steps were also taken in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. The 2014 goal is to consolidate foreign markets and integration process between Tlc and information technology. "Another strategic goal in the cloud environment, we will present a hybrid cloud solution". During the convention the new release (3.40) of the main software of the Wildix offer was announced, the WMS, with different innovations, as well as the new version of Kite, the WebRTC solution that allows you to share documents and the desktop with remote users connecting from the web. Not only that, in the Wi-Fi area Wildix presents a solution with unique performance, eliminating the need for roaming and thus allowing the creation of an access point that extends up to 3 thousand square meters. Finally, thanks to an agreement with DigiTel, telephone operator, Wildix will develop a communication network that will allow, at competitive prices, to provide excellent connectivity for companies. As for the commercial aspects, as emphasized by Cristiano Bellumat, director commercial of Wildix, ?we have launched a strategy that will develop over the next three years: first of all the increase in the foreign market; secondly, a focus on the Communication-Enabled Business Process (CEBP), ie the integration between business communications, contact center functions and business processes, a market with broad prospects; the third point concerns the cloud; finally a great commitment to training ". In fact, in these days the Wildix Academy was born, a new business unit with the aim of transmitting new contents to the sales channel, forming it from a commercial, marketing and technological point of view," so that can offer value-added services to its customers. An experience we want to replicate abroad, "concluded Moreno Perticaroli, Channel Manager in Wildix.