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What the most used icons mean, an infographic explains the origin

Computer icons have a meaning, an origin. An infographic explains them. For example, in the symbol of the USB it derives from the trident of Neptune

What do the icons that we use every day, the technological symbols mean? We all use them, we see them every day on our computers, on servers, in destruction manuals. But do we know what the icons that are so familiar mean? The USB symbol, for example, is inspired by Neptune's trident. The Bluetooth symbol is the union of the two Runes of the initials of the Danish King Harald Blatand (nicknamed Bluetooth, because he had a tooth stained with blue). And the most famous icon, the @? born in 1971, the goal when used for emails was to find a unique symbol that was never present in the name of the people, nor in the name of the email domain and which could thus separate the two elements. In this infographic you can discover the hidden origins of high-tech symbols and find many surprises.

computer icons meaning origincomputer icons meaning origincomputer icons meaning origincomputer icons meaning origin

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