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What is the social media that grows the most? Instagram!

Instagram grows more than all: Photographic Network has registered a + 23% passing in the last six months of 2013 from 73.72 million to 90.77 million users.

the era of social networks, but after a period of real boom, the positions begin to consolidate. Not all social networks are growing, indeed some disappear, others stabilize, others still see the number of users reduced. The preferences of the various communities emerge: the very young move quickly, the adults prefer some tools. Undoubtedly the social network that has recorded the greatest growth in the last six months Instagram. The Photographic Network has recorded a + 23% passing in the last six months of 2013 from 73.72 million to 90.77 million users. In second place Reddit with a + 13%, then LinkedIn with + 9%, Google+ + 6%, Twitter + 2%. To surprise comes Facebook, the undisputed leader in terms of users marks for the first time a retreat in terms of users active -3%. Not a lot in percentage, but in absolute terms it is about millions of users. Other Big decreasing Youtube with -3% of active users and the big looser remains MySpace with -12%. Another makes Instagram the most admired social network (especially by companies) the one most loved by very young (16-24 years) who represent 39% of users; for Facebook the largest community (29%) is represented by the 25-35 age group, the same that dominates LinkedIn with 32% and G + (31%). The youngest Tumblr social network that boasts 45% of users between the ages of 16 and 24. Despite the decline, Facebook has many records (in addition to the number of subscribers), for example, the most popular social media per day: 56% of subscribers visit the big F more than once a day; for Twitter they are 35%, for YouTube 33%, for Instagram 31%, 305 for G +.

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