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Update abgx360 1.0.0 – Stealth games on XBOX360

An update for abgx360 which comes to version 1.0.0! Download abgx360 1.0.0 (windows)

The program in question checks the ISOs for XBOX360 to verify that there is a 1: 1 match with the original copy of the game and therefore decreases the possibility that Microsoft will ban the console from XBOX Live.

This version adds controls for the video partition that, in upcoming games, will be destined to contain the update for the dashboard (the new dashboard experience). With abgx 1.0.0 you will continue to verify this type of "new" ISO as well.

For those who could not yet use the program (also available for Linux and MacOSX) can watch the Stealth Verification tutorial with abgx360