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Tinder adds the Super Like

A new tool to express a particular interest, which will be used sparingly: in the free version it will be only one per day


I don't like you, you like me. Tinder's "Super Like" sounds a bit like this, the new function of the app that represents a declaration of particular interest. Alongside the "cross" commands to indicate a "no" (swipe on the left) and "little heart" to indicate appreciation (swipe on the right), the star appears: after the test in Australia, the new function will be added to the app for everyone.

On the other hand, the super like will be notified: when the person you have "super liked" will see your profile, they will appear with a blue bar underneath, and the aforementioned star.


According to the data collected during the trial, the conversations started with a Super Like last 70% more than the others.

To avoid it becoming a carpet trailer tool for, – you know, the flattery makes people sensitive – the "Super Likes" will be limited: one per day for the free version, five for the paid version.

The function was first tested in Australia, and now ready to arrive in the rest of the world. CEO Sean Rad told The Next Web that the star seems to have had a good impact on users. "Many of the things in our ecosystem focus on the idea that man is always the promoter. What we had not foreseen that this tool could become a way in which even women can come forward in a carefree way".

And just two women are in fact the protagonists of the ad hoc software Tinder has created for the launch of the new function.


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