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The new summer offers Three valid until 22 July 2018

The operator Three extends its range offers "ALL-IN?Which will remain activated until 22 July 2018. These are very advantageous tariff options that offer minutes, text messages and internet for a few euros a month. It is an opportunity for the summer period, in which you prefer to travel and stay outdoors and many Giga are needed to be continuously connected. Read on to find out more about the new Tre summer offers.

Here are the new Tre ALL-IN summer offers this summer

new summer offers Three

This summer, Tre decided to spoil its customers, extending the tariff options of the ALL-IN range until July 22nd by setting a blocked price which does not increase after the first six months.The ALL-IN offers are three, and each includes a different bundle.

  • ALL-IN Primethat offers1000 minutes, 1000 SMS and 10 GB of internet for 7 euros a monthinstead of 10 euros per month;
  • ALL-IN Masterwithunlimited minutes, 1000 SMS and 20 GB of internet for 10 euros a monthinstead of 15 euros per month;
  • ALL-IN Powerwithunlimited minutes, 1000 SMS and 100 GB of internet for 19 euros a monthinstead of 25 euros.

But not everything. Included in the price, in fact, Tre decided to include 6 months of Apple Music free.The service, for those who do not know it, allows you to listen to your favorite songs, both online and offline, even without Wi-Fi, on iOS and Android devices.

The offer also included the serviceGiga Bankthat gives the possibility of accumulating unused jigs within the month, up to a maximum of twice the number of jigs paid monthly by the option.

For this type of tariff options a contractual obligation is envisagedequal to 24 months with debit on current account or credit card. Offers are also available in version smartphone included purchasable in installments. In this case the constraint of 30 months.In these cases,the price for the purchase in installments of some smartphones has been reduced, as theHuawei P20, which can be purchased with 69 euros in advance and a variable installment based on the combined offer:13 euros per month with the offerALL-IN Prime, 12 euros with the master's degree is 7 euros with theALL-IN Power.