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The first apps with Apple Watch complications

With watchOS 2 you can view information from the app directly on the main quadrant. Here are the most interesting

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Among the innovations introduced by watchOS2 are the complications of third-party apps. For the record, complication does not mean difficulties, but a classic watchmaking term that indicates everything in a watch does not indicate the time, but the rest. These are interfaces that can be added to the main quadrant, to consult on the fly information that we consider useful.

The first complication of the Apple Watch was the calendar, then the ones coming from the native apps, always with the prerogative of Apple. Now it is possible to customize the Watch with third-party app in the form of additional information, or rather, of complication. This is done through a framework called ClokKit, which allows app owners to view sports results, health status, movie times, transportation, package delivery and many other things.

From the operational point of view, the complications of an app are enabled with the finger pressure on the watch display; if you have so many, you can make your choice by choosing the digital crown. The data is provided by the app, sized for the Watch template-base.

It all comes down to a qualitative leap of the Watch and of the way we interact with it, which makes it perhaps more sensible as a gadget. Store. iTranslate

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