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The best university admission test app

Preparation times at test for access to the university in the limited number facultiesand we go in search of the most adequate tools to prepare ourselves for the best, dedicating to them as long as possible. In addition to the classic paper manuals, I recommend using some apps to download on your mobile devices, iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, to use every place and every time hole to verify your preparation. Therefore, below I give you some advice on best App admission test university both for iOSthat Android to be installed free of charge or paid on your devices.

Best university admission test app

1. Hoepli Test

The first App admission test universities are those ofHoepli Test for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.They are a valid and effective tool to verify your preparation and be ready to face the admission test to the university of the following faculties:

  • Engineering
  • Architecture and construction engineering
  • Economy
  • Primary education
  • Psychology
  • Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary
  • Health degrees
  • Communication science
  • Motor sciences
  • Minimum knowledge – Humanities degrees
  • Minimum knowledge – Scientific degrees

University admission test hoepli app

You can download the app Hoepli Test from the App Store, where there is a free simulated test, complete with 80 questions. If you want to practice with other complete tests you have to pay 1.59. Through this app you can:

  • SIMULATE an admission test with real time
  • ANSWER with reserve and then change your answer before the end of the test
  • STORE your results
  • REVIEW your results through statistical and graphical processing
  • DISCOVER your gaps and KNOW how to solve them

2. University test

The other app University Test, an application for Android devices that you can download for free from Google Play. It is continuously updated, and contains many questions from:

  • general culture
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • geography
  • computer technology
  • English
  • Italian
  • literature
  • logic
  • maths
  • history

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<p>You can experiment with various types of tests:</p>
<li>Quick Test: 2 questions for each subject</li>
<li>Topic test: 10 questions on a topic of your choice</li>
<li>Complete Test: 4 questions for each subject (customizable with the integrated editor)</li>
<p dir=The application provides statistics, stores a ranking for tests with the best scores and calculates an index of omniscience.

3. Alpha Test

Applications that you find on the site ofAlpha TestI'm both for iPad is iPhone than Androidand contain up to 1000 questions from the official tests (in the full version), with solutions commented on by the Alpha Test experts. Now you can practice when and where you want with the Alpha Test App, just have a smartphone or tablet and download the app with the tests that interest you.

You can compose an unlimited number of simulated tests and analyze your results even in graphic form. These are the Alpha Test tests available:

University admission test app

  • Bocconi University, Luiss and Liuc and for degree courses in the areas: Economic, Legal, Political.
  • Exercise for the admission tests to the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary. Valid also for Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Biological Sciences, CFT.
  • Exercise for the admission tests to the faculties of Architecture, Design, Building Engineering-Architecture, Urban Planning, Industrial Design, Restoration and Conservation.
  • Exercise for all degree courses in the Communication area
  • Exercise for the admission tests to the faculties of the three-year degrees in health professions.
  • Exercise for all degree courses in the Psychology area
  • Tutorial for degree courses in Primary Education, Sociology, Education and Social Services.