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That's why Facebook bought WhatsApp for $ 19 billion

Facebook you buy the WhatsApp instant messaging app by spending the incredible sum of 19 billion dollars: we explain why

Facebook-whatsapp-acquisitionFacebook bought the instant messaging app WhatsApp spending the incredible sum of 19 billion dollars: 25 times the value of its latest acquisition ie Instagram.A huge figure: not only the biggest ever spent by Facebook, but the second in the world for an acquisition in the hi-tech world, surpassed only by the 25 billion dollars disbursed by HP for Compaq.Just to give an idea of ??the huge WhatsApp value, which consists of 32 engineers and has collected 8 million dollars since 2009 (year of foundation), one was paid a figure equal to one third of the capitalization of HP, 4 times the value of Balckberry.But why all this money? For the 450 million active users who use the App every day to communicate. The landscape of instant messaging in strong growth and Facebook, despite the investments in its messenger failed to get a leading position. People prefer to communicate with a separate, separate app, especially in Europe. The recent relaunch of Messenger FB has brought good results on usage, but especially in America, while in Europe and Asia WhatsApp to dominate. Among other things, the market for this type of communication is extremely fragmented and only a few have managed to aggregate millions of users. In addition to WhatsApp c WeChat, but that could not be acquired because the workhorse of the Chinese giant Tecent, which aims to make its own way in the social and mobile world. WhatsApp is then collecting users at a speed much higher than that of Facebook, especially in emerging markets, such as India, Mexico and Brazil, this growth rate seems to have pushed Zuckerberg to the decision: 1 million new users a day.Its goal is to grow, grow, take a prominent position in developing markets, be ready for tomorrow's evolutions. In short, WhatsApp was not bought to increase Facebook's turnover and you will probably not get paid for those 19 billion, was bought to respond to the global shift of people on the mobile platform, Facebook has taken it to survive tomorrow in an increasingly mobile world. We want to continue to develop a service that allows users to communicate with each other, said Mark Zuckerberg, at this rate we will succeed.