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Tadpole: the video iPod case for children is on sale

A case in the shape of a steering wheel to prevent the iPod from falling when you watch a video or a cartoon or to make it the protagonist of a virtual journey, this is the latest amusing find by iFrogz, a company specializing in do-it-yourself cases for iPod, released on November 7th.


While the models already on sale of the company included a total customization with the composition of different modules covering the front, rear, etc. in the case of Tadpole six colors are offered (Bright Red, Lymon Green, Mandarin Orange, Pink Panther, Purple Parade and Royal Blue) of the same "cover" and the possibility of covering the central wheel.

Calling it a case in any case would be an understatement: it is a silicone casing covered with an anti-grease and dust-proof surface that allows the small ipodmaniaci to treat the digital leore like a nice game. Together with Tadpole a transparent plastic protective screen is provided (Screenz ) and a series of colored stickers that can cover the central wheel and the screen without altering its functionality.

Tadpole for sale on the iFrogz website for the price of 24.99 Dollars. We do not currently know an Italian distributor. For more information, visit this page on the iFrogz website.