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SwiftKey Neural Alpha is the first keyboard based on neural networks

an experimental version of the famous predictive keyboard is available, now able to better understand the meaning of the sentence we are writing

(Photo: Swiftkey)(Photo: Swiftkey)

SwiftKey, the predictive keyboard born on Android in 2010, has become even smarter: on Google Play Store in fact checked SwiftKey Neural Alpha, which thanks to neural networks can understand the meaning of a sentence, suggesting the word to be inserted in a more rational way than before.

Ben Medlock, co-founder of the company, explained that his team had long been working on a solution that worked well on smartphones, without the need for a powerful processor. As stated on the official SwiftKey blog, the neural model on which the new keyboard is based "Grasp the similarity between words and compare them on the fly", in order to recommend deivocabuli adapted to the context of the discussion without necessarily having to fish in the history of your conversations.

For example, after typing the sentence once "Meet me at the airport", technology can deduce that instead of "airport" the words "hotel" or "office" could reasonably be included. The application is still in an alpha phase and requires a fairly recent smartphone to work properly. At the moment he also works English only and there are no signs that indicate if and when it will also be available in Italian.


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