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Stealth verification tutorial with abgx360 for XBOX360


Update 11/11/2009 Finally available the new version of abgx 1.0.2 with support for wave4

Update 15/10/2009 the current version of the program does not recognize the new iso with wave4 partition. Wait for another version if you have games with the new video partition (October 2009) and read our post Xbox360: Wave4 and new games.

We return after a while to talk about xbox live is backup, explaining the use of ABGX, program to remove the risk of ban.

I state that, for the uninitiated, there is currently no method to play online on xbox live and be sure to avoid the ban. The simple reason: nobody knows about the checks that Microsoft makes to find out if you have a modified firmware and a copy of the non-original game.

What we can do make our backup copy 1: 1 with the original (identical, hence the name "stealth") in order to make a backup indistinguishable from its original version. The stealth copy and a firmware that supports it (ixtreme) therefore represent the indispensable solution to bypass basic checks. Before starting we try to understand what we are talking about:

SS (Security Sector): Changes slightly each time you rip from the original DVD. In reality the important part remains the same (and on what the CRC check is done) while the raw part is different but is always made to correspond to a specific media id.

PFI (Physical Format Information): It is a sector in the lead-in that contains information about the support. Booktype, PSN start and end PSN and LayerBreak are contained in this sector. On blank DVDs, there is also the Media Code / Manufacturer ID and Media Product Revision number. Each original game for XBOX360 and XBOX1 has the same information.

DMI (Disk Manufacturing Information): Contains information about the manufacturer, such as Company Name, Batch ID, etc. It is different for each game and for each region.

Video Partition: All XBOX360 discs have two partitions, in a content a video that simply says to use the game with an XBOX360 (try to insert the title in a DVD player or on a playstation 3).

ABGX a software of verification for ISO images (but not only) of games for xbox360 with a database of "signatures" of the original retail dvds and a database of files ss, dmi, pfi to make the backup copy stealth. Below is the tutorial to best use this program:

1) Download abgx

Download abgx360 v1.0.2 Win

Download abgx360 v1.0.2 Mac

2) Program settings

Start abgx and you will have this screen in front:

Leave all the default settings and change only in the tab Autofix the part "Autofix Threshold"In ->"Level 3"

Can I play offline with backup copies without risk?No, some info may be saved in the xbox's flash memory and transmitted on the next xbox live connection. It is also possible that on the console a flag is saved and at the next wave of ban you are out of the live.The advice is to create a second profile not linked to xbox live and to use the one with backup copies to play offline while also keeping the cable ethernet disconnected.

If I use "stealth" copies verified with abgx can I feel comfortable?As mentioned above, you cannot be 100% sure. Nothing prevents Microsoft from using procedures to directly check whether the player's firmware has changed. They are routines implemented in hardware and it is not possible to prevent their check via firmware.