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Smart Home: Amazon, Apple, Google and ZigBee Alliance want a common standard

Project Connected Home over IP is a long name that identifies a simple concept: to combine efforts to create one a common standard that allows increasingly numerous smart home products and services to communicate with each other. In fact it is a new work group in which companies of the caliber of Amazon, Apple, Google, as well as all those of the Zigbee Alliance – also for some time engaged in the development of a wireless communication protocol for smart and IoT devices. The objectives of the group are easily schematized:

  • Develop and promote the use of a new royalty-free communication standard to improve product compatibility smart home
  • Put the safety at the top of the list of priorities in defining the standard

The project wants to make sure the communications between smart home devices, mobile app is cloud services, is define a set of network technologies based on the IP (Internet Protocol) that smart products must support to get what will be the future certification.

The practical effects: smart home device manufacturers will have less difficulty making them compatible with partner services and ecosystems – eg a smart speaker manufacturer will be able to easily introduce support to voice assistants from Amazon, Apple and Google. As a result, the end user will be able to install more smart devices at home, knowing that they will have no difficulty in 'dialoguing' with one another.

The handshake between the companies involved in the project is the first step, it will then have to follow the definition of the unified protocol – activity that can benefit from theopen-source approach – the subsequent activity of promoting the same and the actual adoption / dissemination. Time will therefore tell if these efforts will be effective or if the current smart product ecosystems will continue to travel on parallel tracks (think of Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Alexa certified products).

Pending developments, the market already offers many products that can be joined to create a smart home. A quick review in our Guide.