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Presidential spokesman

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Ellison, known, when it comes to grandeur second to none. As a personal plane he has a SIAI Marchetti for military training, he owns a Japanese-style villa to be the envy of the emperor of the Rising Sun, he competes in sailing only with boats of 10 million dollars upwards. A character of this type when choosing a collaborator cannot point to any one. So yesterday's news that Oracle, controlled precisely by our Ellison, hired Joe Lockart who until a few days f held the office of press officer and communication expert for President Clinton.Lockart will take care of "communicating" the strategy of Oracle and to propagandize – reads a company announcement – the advantages of e-business and e-government ". More generally, Lockart will focus on refining Oracle's communication strategy ". A" presidential "assumption that also requires an equal salary. In times when Bush is now impatient to sit in the first American citizen's chair and during which Clinton spends his time shaking hands to greet his eight-year-old staff, this is an advantage for everyone. Species for Lockart …

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