contador Saltar al contenido 3.1.0 in Italian

Apparently we are in the period of releases of various programs available in Italian: DThis time it's up to office suite, of which, being a free and open source license, allowed the free distribution.The office package arrived at version 3.1.0, introducing various improvements and over a thousand corrections of imperfections in the previous version released in October last year.OpenOfficeThe main improvement and immediately notice in the use of the program the introduction ofantialiasing in the visualization of the graphic elements on the screen (the introduction cost the rewriting of approx half a million lines of code!).Other innovations and improvements have been introduced in all the various programs included in the suite:Writer (text management), Calc (spreadsheet management), Chart (management of analysis graphs), Impress (presentation management), base (database management) .Who wants more details can find them on this site, or on this PDF file (102.39 KB).

The suite can be downloaded from the official website page and is available for various operating systems. I leave the links to download the package directly: