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On iTunes incentives to buy complete albums?

On iTunes incentives to buy complete albums? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple and record companies are investigating a form of incentive to push iTunes Store customers to buy complete albums. The news comes from a C / Net blog.

According to Ina Fried, one of the most experienced journalists and introduced into the world of Mac and digital music together, the chosen path is to discount the price of individual songs already bought from the entire album price. At the moment who buys a song for 0.99 euros and then, maybe because he is interested in the music of the author thanks to the single song, he decides to buy the CD the common payout 9.99 euros, without having any credit for the song he has already bought and that forced to buy back. If the rumors were confirmed, instead, you could have a bonus to spend for the purchase of the complete CD.

According to analyst Mike McGuire, "this would be a consumer choice"

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