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Notify, the Facebook news app

Twitter for those who follow information that is difficult to beat, but Facebook wants to try it, testing a new news notification app

notify(Photo: The Awl)

If you're Facebook, you're not Twitter. Unless. The social network would be testing an app called Notify which would allow for aggregations from various publishers on recent publications of stories and contents. This would mean accessing the news in real time, as happens, precisely, on Twitter, without waiting for them to arrive on the home page of their social network.

What Facebook would seem to want now is the aggregative capacity of news that Twitter boasts in the world of information.

From the rumors reported by The Awl, it seems that the app distinguishes between "providers", ie individual content producers and "stations", which should be specialized channels. You could choose to receive notifications based on different categories.

This way, the smartphone's home screen would become an updated news feed.

While Facebook did not want to comment, at the moment, according to Business Insidersi it would deal with a stand-alone business.

What is certain about new Facebook updates is function changes "It happened today" (the one that gives the post user of the past): with the aim of offering people more and more control, Facebook is introducing two new filters that allow people to express their preferences and therefore exclude, from the contents shown, the memories related to a determined person, or relating to a given period of time.


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