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Nintendo Wii and software modification with firmware 4.0

UPDATE 11/06/09 New definitive and updated guide available! Edit Wii for ALL No ModChip versions

With the Twilight Hack block, which allowed you to modify your Wii console with an original copy of Zelda Twilight Princess, alternative methods have been sought to achieve the same result, without any games and with minimal effort. The search result has brought to the birth of BannerBomb, a completely new method that allows you to execute any unexpected block of code on the console.

By following this guide, you will be able to install theHomeBrew Channel and then use all the backup loaders you want (USB Loader, SoftChip, etc.) to load the backup copies of your games.

1. What you need

Nintendo Wii console with firmware included from 3.x and 4.0

The giardiniblog_bannerbomb.rar archive

2. Copy the files to an SD card

Unpack the archive giardiniblog_bannerbomb.rar in an SD card to be inserted in the console. NB If you already have a private folder / (perhaps with your saves) in the root of the SD card, rename it and then restore it later.

3. Installation of the HomeBrew Channel 1.03

Disable the WiiConnect24 service. Not still insert the SD card in the console and go to the Wii Menu -> Data Management -> Channels -> SD card. After the message "No SD card has been found", you can insert the card already ready with the files of the previous step. You will be asked whether to start Boot.elf / dol, select "S".

You will be in front of the main HackMii screen. Choose "Continue"And from the main menu choose to install only theHomeBrew Channel. If all goes well, you will have in the main menu, the HomeBrew Channel with which to start all the homebrews (see the posts on this blog).

4. Possible problems

If for some obscure reason, the message "Load Boot.elf" does not come out … verify that you have a firmware version between 3.x and 4.0 or download another version of the BannerBomb on the official site and replace the private folder / with the one you find in the versions on the site.